Halloween Parade

October 21, 2007 § 1 Comment


Am I a baby or a pumpkin?


The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade was today. We dressed Little Mister as a pumpkin.  He was so cute and didn’t seem to mind the sunglasses either. He was a very hip baby pumpkin. Bob, the baton twirler, led the parade down Euclid into L5P. Gotta love Bob! You know it takes a man that is VERY secure with himself to dress in a tutu, tights and wig and twirl a baton down the street. And, he twirls better than his female counterpart!!! Of course, all the locals love Bob. He’s a local legend and he leads the Halloween Parade and the Festival Parade.If you want an obscure parade, L5P has it…..bunny rabbits, beer trucks, half naked women and the local dog walkers. Odd. I know.


There was a costume judging contest for kids as well as dogs.  We didn’t see that portion of the show, but did see a very cute dog dressed as an alligator, the Von Trapp’s, Bonnie & Clyde, Justin Timberlake, geisha, vikings, and one of the Village People (the gay cowboy, to be specific).  The parade wiped out little msiter. We arrived back home shortly before his bedtime and he went down mostly without a fuss. He’s a good baby.  Husband and I count our blessings daily.


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