Santa Claus is Coming to Town

November 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

Thanksgiving was great. Husband and I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Nana had a good time with her grand and great-grand kids. A didn’t want to stop moving. She had lots to see and do before leaving Aunt S’s. No time for a photo she says!


K came into town. It was so nice to see her, and I think she had a good time playing with S. Her boss M, and his assistant, C, gave S the green sweatshirt. It’s a 2t, but all the cool kids in LA have one. I am certain that Sean will love his green sweatshirt once he grows into it.


We spent the entire weekend with husband’s family. It was lovely. We even managed to all watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech game without too much heckling. Of course, my team was winning, and I was outnumbered by Georgia Tech fans so I kept it to a minimum.

I took S to meet Santa on Monday. He was fascinated with Santa’s beard. I did have to tell Santa to watch Mr. Grabby-Grabby. I’d hate for S to start off on the wrong foot and pull Santa’s beard. Ouch! S was very happy to sit on Santa’s lap. Of course, he had no idea what was going on, but I did. And I had a good time with it!


I managed to get him to smile! Not bad for his first visit to see Santa. Oh, and his shirt says “Who needs Santa when I have Grandma”

So, to digress for a bit, the show I was in last month wasn’t so great. I am glad I did it, but I don’t think I’ll participate in that particular show again. It was rather disappointing, but other vendors mentioned that they were less than thrilled with the turnout too. I was glad it wasn’t just me. I did sell a few barrette holders and there were several people interested in my quilts. If just one person has me make a quilt for them then the show will have been a success for me. Thus far no one has called. bummer. I did enjoy having Mom in town for a day. She, S and my Aunt  got to hang out. Mom even gave S a bath in the sink. He didn’t like it.


MA has her quilt now. It’s all finished and lovely. I think it turned out rather well myself.


I have the body of B’s two quilts assembled. Here’s a close up of one. I am hoping to get borders on this week. Yeah! Oh, what a relief that will be for me!


T-shirt quilts are so much fun to make, and I was on a tear after putting B’s quilts together that I started on my Pi Phi t-shirt quilt. Finally. I have had the shirts prepped for a year but hadn’t made time to assemble the squares. Go figure. I have most of the squares finished. I had originally planned to have each square finish at 15 inches, but the larger shirts that don’t have any borders look funny, so now they are all going to finish a bit larger. I think. I have to look at everything again. I put one row together the other night and decided that I didn’t like it, so I’m in brainstorming mode again. I’d love to go with what I have and plan to tweek the larger squares, if possible, thus making the top go together a bit faster. I know what I want for the inner and outer borders. Hopefully the planned fabric will work once the body is assembled.

Autumn is coming to an end. I just loved the golden leaves. They are so beautiful. Really they are. When I was a little girl, my sister and I used to collect brightly colored fallen leaves and iron them between two sheets of waxed paper. Well, Mom would iron. But then my sister and I would cut out the leaves to send to my grandmother in Florida so she could decorate her Thanksgiving table with real leaves. L and I thought we were the deal doing that. To this day I think about sending leaves to my grandmother. I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it.


This isn’t my house, but a house in my neighborhood. Look at the leaves?! Aren’t they amazing?!


Food. Glorious Food

November 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Little mister is now officially on solids. He opened his mouth on Thursday to accept the pears I was offering him. I was so excited that he ate. Then I cried. It’s bittersweet in a way. He has been sleeping through the night since last week. Happy coincidence? I think not. I am thrilled!  It’s amazing what seven hours of sleep can do for a person!

Today we tried sweet potatoes for the first time. They were a huge success!  I must admit that the Gerber baby food is pretty darn good. I had bites of his bananas, pears and sweet potatoes. I’d eat them too!  My cousin prescribes to the idea that if she won’t eat it she won’t make her son eat it. I think that’s a fantastic philosophy and I follow it too, unless medically necessary.

So, here’s to another good night’s sleep!

I like this cup

November 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

Last week was tough. S kept waking up at night and we couldn’t figure out what was going on with him. He’s still up a bit more than I’d like, but I think we are nearing the end of that misery. Boo Boo came over on Saturday to give us some much needed relief.

Husband and I took advantage of our few hours of free time and headed toward Atlantic Station. When we got into the car husband asked me if I needed the cup that was in the cup holder. I said yes. I liked that cup. That cup holds water. I then realized what I said and had to jump out of the car to spit out the water in my mouth I was laughing so hard! Like it was some philosophical awakening that cups hold water. duh. That little pun gave both of us some much needed relief.

On Sunday, S attended a birthday party for AG. The first birthday party he was invited to attend. He held up surprisingly well through the event, given that it occurred during his nap time. Of course, as soon as we got into the car he fell asleep.

L’s quilt top is finished. I feel SOOO much better having that project under my belt. The quilt looks really good. I had planned one pattern and didn’t like it, so I took all my cut up pieces and created something else. Something better. I’m very pleased with it.


Before Christmas I have two t-shirt quilt tops to finish and I need to get a binding stitched onto another quilt. I have one of the t-shirt quilts about two-thirds pieced and the binding is sewn onto MA’s quilt. I was getting really stressed out, not thinking I could finish anything, but I’m making good progress. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Happy Halloween

November 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

S and I spent the day with our cousins. We dressed the boys as pumpkins and took lots of photos. S watched his older cousin eat and amazingly his banana puree seemed more appealing. Major accomplishment getting several spoonfuls of bananas in S’s mouth! He may have decided that food is not so bad.


S received her quilt yesterday and was very happy with it:

Hey Patty…. I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wonderful!!!!!! Thank you again!
I feel like I am saying goodbye to an old friend. Let’s stay in touch, I know I will come up with another project eventually!!!

So sweet…..

Happy Halloween everyone!

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