The great tornado

March 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

The weekend was full of drama. Husband and I knew that intense thunderstorms were headed our way, but in typicalI’ve lived here all my life Atlantans, we weren’t too worried about it.
Then Comcast interrupted our program totell us about a tornado warning. Then again. And again. So we turned on Glenn. Channel 2 hassuper cool software with 3-D images of the storm and we were mesmerized. Husband and I  flipped between Glennand the Friday night on air talent at the Weather Channel.  We were glued to the television until we lost power. That was around 9:45pm.
Out come the flashlights. We make a plan. If it gets REALLY bad husband gets the baby, I get the dog and we rendezvous in the storageroom. Not terribly glamorous, but efficient.  About that time we notice what turned out to be insulation floating through the air. The a ceiling tilefrom somewhere, probably the automotive store down DeKalb Ave., came soaring over the three story townhouses in front of us and slam into our deck door.
Shortly after that the rain ended and we met outside with our neighbors.
At that time none of us were aware that an F2 tornado had come within a half mile of us. Everyone was a bit shaken up.Husband and I certainly were.  My cousin  kept texting me to keep me up to date with the weather situation since another lineof storms was headed our way. We finally got to sleep around midnight. Slept well until the howling wind woke us just before 6 am. Still no power when we woke up. Got little mister, enjoyed a fine dining experience at Waffle House, ran a few other errands and when we finallyarrived home a few hours later our power was working.
Download emails. Return calls. Yes, we are alright.Saturday brought more storms.
Husband and I were once again glued to the tele. We didn’t lose power, but did hear words you never want to hear,
“A tornado is headed toward Inman Park. It will be there at 4:05.” My heart started racing. We anxiously watched the clock. Sean couldn’t take his napbecause of the tornado spinning toward us.  He knew something was wrong. He was screaming at us and we were finally able to calm himdown with a change of scenery in the garage. Hail began falling. Quarter size or smaller. And as quickly as it all began, it ended.
We were once again spared from a tornado. Still tired and on edge, we came upstairs. All seemed to be well.  The sun came out shortly after the storms ended and gave way to a glorious evening.
Husband and I are thankful that we didn’t have any damage to our home during the storms
and we pray that those affected will recover quickly.


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