Blogging is hard work

July 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Okay, so it’s not really tough work, but it takes time. And who has a lot of that!? I certainly don’t. Not with a toddler toddling around the house. Into this. Into that. No, please don’t hit me. No, that’s not your remote, phone, blackberry, etc. And then the countless hours of cleaning. Well, maybe not hours, but I clean up after the little dude an awful lot. He seems to think it’s fun to throw his peas and fish sticks on the floor to signify that he’s finished with his meal.

The walking started yesterday. He took three steps to come to me. Husband wasn’t home, but he arrived home shortly after the big event and little mister gave an encore performance. Teary eyed, and oh, so proud!  Of course we tried to get video, but Sean would have nothing to do with that. Guess we’ll try again this weekend.

One year photos tomorrow, even though little mister is almost 14 months old. Wow! Time really does fly!

Here’s a recent photo from our trip to the zoo. Mei Lan is really cool. We like pandas!

I finally finished piecing my Sea Urchins quilt. It looks great and I’ll get a photo up here shortly.  I’ve been working on stuff for everyone else lately – hemming curtains, adding length to curtains, making pants into shorts, you get the drift. I’m ready to do my stuff again, but have a feeling it won’t happen for at least another month. Oh, well.  At least K’s quilt is with Regina Carter right now and very soon it will be one less thing to juggle.


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