Little Mister is like a Visa card….everywhere I want to be

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Little mister is a like  Visa card. He’s EVERYWHERE I want to be…

on a chair, the cabinet under the sink, the refrigerator, you get the idea…

wherever I want to be!

He certainly keeps me busy. I am surprised that I somehow find time to do anything.

Today I made Rice Krispie treats AND cleaned the house. Okay, well only the downstairs, but nonetheless, it’s still clean. Except for the desk. And that’s husband’s space, even though you wouldn’t quite know it. I have managed to take over a corner or two.

A friend of mine had a little girl a few weeks ago. I haven’t met her newest addition yet, but get to next week. I made her what I consider the easiest quilt in the world. A lot of bang for something so easy.

I have a few other projects that I am eager to start.  Don’t I always?

For the past three years I have made a  quilt for LifeLink of Georgia,

LifeLink is an independent, non-profit organ and tissue recovery organization dedicated to serving patients in need of transplant therapy and their families. I think that organ donation is such an important cause, and though I often find myself in tears while making the quilt, I am glad I do.

LifeLink has a ceremony each year and the quilt is presented to families that lost a loved one. Each family, or a family member, makes a block, then I assemble the quilt.  I couldn’t find a photo of any of the last few I’ve made. It’s entirely possible that I didn’t snap a picture. Silly me! I’ll be sure to do that this year. Quilt will hopefully be finished in a few weeks.

I am currently putting the binding on another quilt, too. Will tell you more about that one later.


Where the wild things grow

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Kids grow like weeds.

Or peppers.

A group of us started a community garden a few months ago and we have our first bell pepper. I’m very proud of this little pepper. The whole garden really. And, it’s been great for the kids in the neighborhood too! My neighbor’s youngest son found our first pepper! He was quick to point it out and I think the first pepper should go to him once it’s ready.

It’s really a glorious thing to watch something you love grow right before your eyes. Pepper or person.

A year ago little mister was a spikey-haried blob, and now he’s walking, talking, and letting his will be known.

He has a friend down the street and they like to play together. Well, as much as children their age play together. More like, play in the same space. She’s five months younger than little mister. Her  dad keeps telling little mister he can be her prom date, but I worry about what dad really thinks about letting his daughter go out with anyone. Even a “safe” date! Lucky for all of us that’s still a few years away!

The dynamic duo was introduced to sidewalk chalk the other day. Little mister thought it was tremendous fun to write on the sidewalk, the mailboxes. ME!!  I was covered in chalk! And little miss had blue teeth! We tried to keep her from eating it, but she found chalk to be tasty. Or just different. Or both. At least she could wash it down with a swig of little mister’s water!

I’m almost finished with my latest quilt. I am quilting the borders right now. I have one side finished. Three to go! Once that’s finished I can start quilting my Sea Urchins quilt. I know what I want to do, now I need to find the time to quilt it. Hmmm. Maybe at the October retreat.  Maybe in my spare time. Maybe never.

Caffeine is my friend

August 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

I stopped drinking caffeine for a long time. Decaf coffee, no soft drinks.  Then I had a baby and I find that the afternoon boost is absolutely necessary. Instead of napping in the afternoon, I get a boost with my new favorite drug. It’s affordable. Legal. Tastes good as a latte or a diet coke. And, it keeps me going. By the time little mister is up from his nap, I’m ready to go again!  Off to the park. Playing with the boys down the street or just running around the yard.  Once dinner is cooked and cleaned, little mister is off to bed (well, shortly thereafter) and I can sew.

It’s my creative time, and while I wish I had more of it, I take what I can get. I am finally learning to prioritize.  And drink more caffeine. It’s tough to stick to one project, but I’m getting things finished. I promised myself I’d be a “closer” this year – I cannot start on a new project unless it was already slated to happen. I haven’t finished quite as much as I’d have liked, but this has kept me from having too many projects going on at one time (thank you MHfor the great idea!).  I do have a lot of quilt ideas and not enough time to execute. I have drawings everywhere so I can remember what I planned to do with scraps, or a particular fabric. Or, just because.  Or something looked cool. Or I found inspiration from the dove nesting on my deck.

I did just finish this pillow for little mister’s room.

Cute, huh?

This was an extra block from a project I was working on.  I decided a slightly different color scheme was more appealing to me, but what to do with the lone block? Oh, yeah! Make a pillow!  There are two black and white striped covered buttons keeping the back closed.

Now off to work on the next project. Or to clean. hmmm.

If at first you don't succeed….

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Try, try again, right?

Little mister wasn’t so sure about Blairsville at the beginning of the summer. I figured he’d eventually get used to it then I realized that I needed someone to watch him while husband and I went out of town one weekend. Crap! Where to go?!!!  Certainly my parents will watch him. Right? Right. But he isn’t so fond of Blairsville. Yet. Strange dogs. Big house.  It was too much for him.  He’d get overtired then scream instead of sleep. Not such fun. For anyone. Even doting grandparents. And, come to think of it, I think the dogs hid outside. hmmm.

Now, generally speaking, one can handle that every so often. Parents build up an immunity to screaming children, and grandparents say they can block it out as well. Lucky for my Dad, he’s partially deaf and can’t hear baby screams. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Oh well, at least Mom is there.

But, back to what I was saying…. when the “ones” handling it are your parents, and they are doing it solo, Mama gets concerned.  Can my parents really tolerate a toddler alone for a weekend? I know they raised two children, but sister and I haven’t been toddlers for a long time.  Will they remember to close the door to the basement?  Are all the cabinets childproofed?  Electrical outlets covered??? Does Mom know what little mister likes to eat? And, what about his bedtime routine?

Soooo, I’ve been taking little mister up to Blairsville rather frequently this summer to get him used to new surroundings and make sure the house is up to snuff. Childproof locks on doors? Check. Locks on the kitchen cabinets. Check. Electrical outlets covered. Check.

I think he is finally used to Mom and Dad’s place. Thank goodness! It’s nice to know that our frequent trips up have been successful! And Mom and Dad swear that they love having us – and I think they love it when we leave too!

Mom has food and all sorts of other “goodies” for the little guy. New bath toys. New books. Lots of things for him to entertain himself, so I think we’re all set. Dad doesn’t even mind when little mister gets into his things.

Doesn’t he look cute?

Hopefully the weekend won’t be too overwhelming for Mom and Dad. I’m happy that they are willing to help. And scared that they won’t do it again!  Yikes!

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