Where the wild things grow

August 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

Kids grow like weeds.

Or peppers.

A group of us started a community garden a few months ago and we have our first bell pepper. I’m very proud of this little pepper. The whole garden really. And, it’s been great for the kids in the neighborhood too! My neighbor’s youngest son found our first pepper! He was quick to point it out and I think the first pepper should go to him once it’s ready.

It’s really a glorious thing to watch something you love grow right before your eyes. Pepper or person.

A year ago little mister was a spikey-haried blob, and now he’s walking, talking, and letting his will be known.

He has a friend down the street and they like to play together. Well, as much as children their age play together. More like, play in the same space. She’s five months younger than little mister. Her  dad keeps telling little mister he can be her prom date, but I worry about what dad really thinks about letting his daughter go out with anyone. Even a “safe” date! Lucky for all of us that’s still a few years away!

The dynamic duo was introduced to sidewalk chalk the other day. Little mister thought it was tremendous fun to write on the sidewalk, the mailboxes. ME!!  I was covered in chalk! And little miss had blue teeth! We tried to keep her from eating it, but she found chalk to be tasty. Or just different. Or both. At least she could wash it down with a swig of little mister’s water!

I’m almost finished with my latest quilt. I am quilting the borders right now. I have one side finished. Three to go! Once that’s finished I can start quilting my Sea Urchins quilt. I know what I want to do, now I need to find the time to quilt it. Hmmm. Maybe at the October retreat.  Maybe in my spare time. Maybe never.


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