DC or Bust!

September 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

We just returned from a week long trip to Washington, D.C to visit Grand Dad  and KK.  We enjoyed our trip and were happy to spend Granddad’s 60th with him. Little mister really had a blast. Peek-a-boo in the garden gate was among his favorite activities with GrandDad.

Are they cute or what?

In addition to playing in the garden little mister and Granddad had a good time chasing each other around the center of the house.


Granddad was a champ at dinner too. Little mister is at an age where he won’t sit still. We did dinner out most nights, and it was tough. Someone was with little mister, or chasing him, around the restaurant or sidewalk outside our dining locale. There were many pick me up’s then put me down’s along with the occasional grunt, scream or shriek.  We learned that it is not fun to dine with a toddler and cooking in is our modus operindi until he can once again sit still.  He’d much rather run around and play with doors instead of eat.

Eating is for wimps. Until KK played “I’m gonna eat all your applesauce!” with little mister. He found this quite silly and fun. And, lucky for us, he also ate his applesauce. Funny how that works!

A trip to DC, well, anywhere really, is not a trip for husband without a visit to a local museum. I was grateful not to have to join in this vacation tradition this year.  Generally speaking I enjoy visiting museums, but all boats and planes look mostly the same to me, so I don’t get the fascination.  Husband thinks all quilts look the same. I think all planes look the same. Guess we’re even!

Husband, little mister and Granddad spent one afternoon at the Air and Space Museum. It looks like a pretty cool building, and there were many, many planes for the boys to see.

The Murphy boys had a good time, but I was happier to visit my favorite shops at Tyson’s Corner instead of looking at planes. Banana Republic and Nordstrom are my idea of shopping heaven! Top it off the following day with a trip to G Street Fabrics and a cup o’ joe and my vacation couldn’t get any better!

Our trip home wasn’t complete without making a stop in Richmond to see my sister.

Not pictured: sister’s husband

The stop was brief, but enjoyable.  Our gracious hosts grilled supper, then took us to Cold Stone for dessert. YUMMY!

An eight hour drive home was too much for little mister. At the NC/SC welcome center he started to melt down. He wanted to stretch his legs, and we were happy to oblige for a half hour, then it was time to go.   Little mister thought it was all fun and games that Daddy was chasing him around and playing with him until he realized that Daddy was coming to get him to put him in the car.


Lady was glad to see us. I was glad to see the house, and a good night’s sleep in my own bed was delish!


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