Halloween in the Hood

October 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

I love Halloween in my neighborhood. So many houses really get into the spirit, and it’s fun for children and adults. I was on a walk the other day and able to quickly snap a photo of this house.

Halloween in Little 5 Points is ALWAYS a big deal. There’s a parade, floats and marching bands. It’s quite the event.Every year we walk into L5P to watch. It’s a blast! The people watching is jaw dropping!

We took little mister last year, but he was too young to remember. We didn’t dress him up this year, but did put him in his cute Halloween shirt. Figure he may as well get as much use out of it as he possibly can!

Little mister wasn’t so into watching the parade, but did enjoy sitting on the bottom step at the Bass Lofts watching everyone. He was very proud of himself

Not sure what was going by here, but something caught his eye. Maybe the enormous skeletons??

We had a quick dinner at The Albert, then home. Little mister was pooped, and we knew he had a big day on Sunday. His girlfriends first birthday party! We did dress him up for the party. He was an alligator.

And little miss was a pumpkin! Is she adorable or what?!

The party started at 1, which is little mister’s normal nap time. We took him down for about an hour. He started to get wobbly, and fussy, so we brought him in for his afternoon siesta.


Busy, busy Bee

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I’ve been working fast and furiously on gifts lately. Little mister has four birthday parties in the next few weeks, and Christmas is around the corner.  Teacher gifts, play group gifts, family…the list gets long.

My best friend has twin girls. They turn four next month, so I made them each a little purse. Perfect gift for little girls!

Alex loves frogs, so her bag has a cute frog print as the lining.

Taylor is not as cutesy. Her favorite color is baby blue so her bag has a blue flower print. It’s more sophisticated and I think she’ll like it. At least I hope so!

Little mister’s play group now has seven kids in it. Motley crew to say the least. All the mothers are wonderful, and so are the kids. Little mister is one of three boys. I’m making all the kids in play group and the kids on our street pillowcases for Christmas. I’ve been really good and mostly used fabric from my stash. Here’s what I have so far.

R.I.P. Green Crayon – Part Deux

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It occurred to me that the title of my last post didn’t quite make sense. Well, it does, IF you understand there was a whole point to me naming the post after the crayon and I completely forgot to go into it. DUH!

Previously on “Paco and the Tomato”…. I was watching my cousin’s son for the night about a week ago. He is a short napper. I was fully prepared for that, knowing little mister would zonk out for two and a half to three hours and cousin would be McShorty.  I had things prepared to pass the time. We could paint with water, a favorite activity of little mister, color, play ball, etc.  Little mister has a gigantic coloring book and crayons. The book is big because, well, let’s face it, toddlers aren’t exactly into fine detail work. The crayons have a triangular shape, making it easier for little hands to hold them.

I put cousin down with the crayons and coloring book. He found that tremendously interesting. And, as it turns out, he found the crayons particularly tasty!  Now, little mister isn’t a crayon eater, so I wasn’t prepared to find cousin and my deck covered in green crayon. There is a reason that the fine people at the Crayola company mark the boxes NON_TOXIC!! Guess there is also a reason they are marked 24+ months!

The crayon must have been a delicious treat because cousin darn near ate the entire thing!  I stripped him down, doused his shirt in Shout, and we went on our merry way. Without a shirt, and sadly, without the ability to color. No crayons for cousin. At least not while he enjoys them as an appetizer. Or until he turns 2.

Two for the Road

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Yeah, yeah. Not talking about alcohol, but the two quilts I made for Mrs. T. Over the years she kept all her sons’ soccer and basketball jerseys. I’ve assembled them into quilts for them for Christmas. I finished sewing borders on the quilts today.

You can barely see it, but in the corners of the quilt are pieces of a baby blanket. The green outer border will have all basketball and soccer patches on it once the top is quilted.

Quilt number 2.

I loved making each of these. Such fun!

R.I.P. Green Crayon

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My cousin is an actress and model. Tall. Thin. Blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s gorgeous! The kind of woman you see and think, “She’s probably a self centered witch.” to make yourself feel better, but of course, she isn’t. She is a lovely person, inside and out. She’s talented, funny, artistic. The kind of person that you know you are truly blessed to have in your life. She makes everyone around her feel great. You WANT to spend time with her.

I am five years older than her. We weren’t super close growing up because of the age difference. And we lived eight hours apart. Eighteen and going to college is much different than thirteen and starting high school. Now, post college graduation, all these things start to matter much less. Life experiences become the same, or similar, and your similarities start to outweigh your differences. Soon, the ties that bring you together are more than just family lines. You not only embrace that you are cousins, you learn to love one another as friends. Good friends. Really good friends.

She moved to Los Angeles after she graduated college. She was there for five years. She and her husband moved back east to Atlanta when she was pregnant with her first, and thus far only, son. He is four months older than little mister. The two boys have, for all intensive purposes, grown up together, minus a few months on either end while they were in utero.

When cousin and I were pregnant we talked about letting the boys have spend the nights. We thought each of us could let the other go on a “proper date”. You know, the kind that includes alcohol, a late night and general over indulgence. At the time a date with ones spouse seemed like a novel concept, particularly because we were fat, tired, whiny pregnant women. Finally, it’s coming to fruition. Of course, neither of the spend the nights have actually yielded a proper date. My night out allowed me to spend time at the Crawford Long ER with husband, and cousin’s night out was because she was working.

Little cousin was with us last Friday. He and little mister ran themselves ragged! It was hysterical to watch them. I take this, no you take that, no I’ll take that again. Too much toddler chaos!

One highlight of the day was watching the train go by the house. I think cousin was trying to call his parents to let them know how much fun he was having! Notice the phone in his right hand.

Amidst the chaos little mister, my little lover, was giving kisses to little cousin.  Big cousin laughs at me and tells me that there is one in every class. He’s mine!

Much more playing and insanity, then dinner. After both boys COVERED themselves in Chef Boyardee, husband and I wisked them off to the bath.

I think they both had a good time!

Husband and I loved every minute with both boys, but were certainly ready for bed time that night.

Maybe next time we have a spend the night, cousin and I will actually be able to have “proper” dates with our husbands! Wish us luck!

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