R.I.P. Green Crayon – Part Deux

October 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

It occurred to me that the title of my last post didn’t quite make sense. Well, it does, IF you understand there was a whole point to me naming the post after the crayon and I completely forgot to go into it. DUH!

Previously on “Paco and the Tomato”…. I was watching my cousin’s son for the night about a week ago. He is a short napper. I was fully prepared for that, knowing little mister would zonk out for two and a half to three hours and cousin would be McShorty.  I had things prepared to pass the time. We could paint with water, a favorite activity of little mister, color, play ball, etc.  Little mister has a gigantic coloring book and crayons. The book is big because, well, let’s face it, toddlers aren’t exactly into fine detail work. The crayons have a triangular shape, making it easier for little hands to hold them.

I put cousin down with the crayons and coloring book. He found that tremendously interesting. And, as it turns out, he found the crayons particularly tasty!  Now, little mister isn’t a crayon eater, so I wasn’t prepared to find cousin and my deck covered in green crayon. There is a reason that the fine people at the Crayola company mark the boxes NON_TOXIC!! Guess there is also a reason they are marked 24+ months!

The crayon must have been a delicious treat because cousin darn near ate the entire thing!  I stripped him down, doused his shirt in Shout, and we went on our merry way. Without a shirt, and sadly, without the ability to color. No crayons for cousin. At least not while he enjoys them as an appetizer. Or until he turns 2.


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