Country Cow, City Cow

November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

We went to Blairsville for Thanksgiving this year.  Loaded up the car with all the necessities, the dog, the toddler, took off and didn’t look back. I don’t mind the drive up when we take the “easy” route up 575/515. This time we went through Dawsonville – yeah, decided to hit the outlets for a little early shopping  – which means we have to go over Blood Mountain to get to my parents. I tend to get a bit woozy going over the mountain and so does little mister. Actually, he gets a lot woozy so we find the easy route better for everyone because it doesn’t result in him puking all over the back seat. Nice.  Plus the easy route means there are lots of little towns to stop in if we need a bite to eat, a bathroom break or have a stinky diaper to change.

The ride over the mountain does, however, give us the opportunity to enjoy more of the “country” scenery.  Think abandoned double wides, yard art* , tractors with Christmas lights*, barns, horses and cows. Yep, lots and lots of cows.

Little mister finds cows particularly interesting. I don’t know if it’s because he loves the Chick-Fil-A cows, if he likes to say “moo” or if it’s just because he’s a toddler and right now cows strike his fancy.  Or maybe it’s because he likes it when I roll the windows down and we yell “moo” at the cows.  Whatever sparks his imagination is fine with me.

As we were making our way through extreme rural White County, husband spotted a pasture with many cows. He told little mister it was a cow party, which we explained was not to be confused with a cow patty. hehehe.  Every time from then on little mister calls a herd of cows a cow party. It’s quite adorable.

We all had a bit of cabin fever on Friday so we went looking for trouble. First we went to the new Dollar General***, then we had lunch at the new deli, Steve’s ****, followed by a quick trip to the TrackRock Stables to look at horses where one horse seemed particularly eager to eat little mister, then to Alexander’s General Store. Alexander’s is in all sense of the word a general store. They sell men and women’s wear,  appliances, furniture and guns. They have some candy and other random things too. I’ve only been there a handful of times and it’s a fun diversion for a bit. The clientele is unique and often backwards.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a small space with as many interesting mountain folk. Ever. And I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in the North Georgia and North Carolina mountains.

We walked out of Alexander’s and little mister stopped DEAD in his tracks. Across the street was a cow party. He proceeded to yell “COWS!” at the top of his lungs, followed by “MOO” at the top of his lungs. We found it tremendously entertaining and once all the local flavor realized what he was yelling at they chuckled as well. Yep, we’re not from around here, folks!  The closest thing little mister has been to a cow is the Chick-Fil-A cow and even then he hasn’t been all that close. But he likes them.

* old, rusty cars that have died in someones front yard
** usually out year round though I am not certain why. Really, are you that busy?
*** yep. we know how to party. We did find little mister some mittens and the joy of purchasing them at the Dollar General is that I won’t care when he loses them.
**** great place for sandwiches and my reuben was outstanding! It’s new in town and all the meats are from Amish Country in Ohio. yum!

Hooray for China!

November 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Not the country, but china. As in dinner china….

My grandmother recently sold her house and moved into an assisted living facility. And she loves it! She always has visitors, and plans, and is impossible to reach now.  It’s a good thing and I really enjoy hearing how happy she is when we chat on the phone. Well, when she’s actually around and can talk!

My aunts cleared out grandmother’s house, more or less. Divided up all the goods amongst the kids and grand kids. It’s a lot of work to pack up a house, especially when it’s not yours.  Then they were kind enough to deliver said items to the new owners.  How fabulous!

I am the proud new owner of my grandmother’s fine china. It’s her wedding china. It’s German porcelain. I can’t get over how light it is, either! My guess is it’s about fifty years old, maybe a little older.  Several years ago my Mother told my grandmother that she wanted to make sure I received the china. The fact that it actually happened is amazing (there are a lot kids and grand kids). The fact that Mom was right and I’d like it isn’t amazing, but shows how much she knows me and my tastes.  It really is gorgeous.  My china is made by Tirschenreuth. Yeah, say that fast three or four times.

Here’s a snapshot:


The china was a perfect reward for my hard work last Monday. My cousin is on bed rest. Her mother has been living with cousin for about a month now. But, she also wants to keep a little bit of her life, so goes home or visits her other children on the weekends.  To give my aunt a rest little mister and I have gone over to cousins  the past two Mondays so my aunt doesn’t have to rush back. The extra day off gives my aunt a much needed break so she can do things like visit other grandchildren or pack up my grandmother’s house. Some break!  This past Monday little mister and I got over to cousins house around 10 am. We didn’t leave until just before 8pm. Little mister and his cousin spent most of the day playing and wearing each other out. Cousin and I spend most of the day laughing. That’s what she and I do best together. I must admit that by the time we arrived home I was pretty pooped.  Chasing around two 2 1/2 year old boys was tough work.  Additionally I had to continually discipline cousin to get off her feet since she’s on bed rest and all.  After dinner was over we packed up my car with grandma’s china and sewing paraphernalia. I got home and put little mister to bed. Exhausted, I unloaded my car. It seemed silly to drive around town with china in my trunk. I didn’t do much with the sewing stuff but managed to get it into my sewing room. The china came upstairs to get unpacked.  I sat down and had some water. Then I debated if I should open the boxes or not. Okay, I have to open the boxes to check out the loot. That was the best idea I’d had all day! Unpacking my grandmother’s china was the perfect reward for my hard work. I admired it for a while then pondered where to put it.I do have a small house after all.

My new china found a home yesterday.  Some glass vases were relocated and my grandmother’s china is happily stored next to my china. I’m grateful they go together and I can mix and match.


Now, I just need an occasion to use it. Hrm….maybe once I have a bigger table in my dining room.

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