I get it

June 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I totally get the fascination with hand work. Really. I do. It’s all I have time to do these days. I’m even thinking that I’m going to take a large selection of my scraps and just make hexagon after hexagon. I have the fabric. I have time to do a little here and there, too. I’ll sort them by color and one day I’ll have enough for yet another quilt. Besides, I’ve finished with my current hexagon project and really want to do more. I really love it!

I get an hour alone each afternoon if I am lucky. I’m usually recovering from diaper changes, nursing, making lunches, cleaning, running errands and the occasional potty accident. You know, being a mom.  Maybe I’ll do a little cutting and sorting this afternoon. I’m getting kind of excited about this. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my gazillions of scraps and hexagons seem like a perfect plan!  And new projects are exciting.

Fingers crossed that this happens.

Until next time.


To sew or not to sew

June 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I haven’t had any time to sew lately. I miss my sewing room but know that this is a temporary state. When I have been so inclined to do some sewing I’ve been doing handwork. I can sew in the den at night  once the kids are in bed and I’m too tired to really focus on anything else. It’s enjoyable and relatively mindless. I now understand why my friend MLM started doing a lot of handwork when she had her second baby. He’s now in his mid twenties and she’s still addicted.

While I was pregnant with #2 I started working on an English paper pieced quilt. Ultimately the quilt will go from white to cream, blue, grey and black. I’m pretty excited about it.

I had the wherewithal to staple a scrap of each fabric choice to paper so I knew the general order I wanted them. I have forty fabrics and anywhere between ten and twelve hexagons per color. The hexagons are an inch and a half wide so the quilt won’t be huge. I couldn’t imagine making it any larger. Four hundred hexagons is a lot of hexagons.

Here’s a sneak preview.

This, that and the other

June 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

There is a lot going on in my world these days. I’ve been busier than I’ve been in a long, long time, but it’s a good kind of busy.

For starters I had baby #2 in March.

Little mister welcomed Q man home and seems to like being a big brother.

We’ve had lots of play time *

Several trips to the park **

Attended the Inman Park Festival ***

Aunt came to visit and we took Q man to his first Braves game ****

family photo at the game

MayFest at little mister’s school

Several trips to the zoo *****

Little mister turned 3.

We had a party at school ******

We had  a real party at our house. Waterguns were involved which explains Mr. No Shirt

and Mr. No Pants enjoying his new bike

Went to a model train museum in Helen with MiMi and Papa

Grew, grew, grew

Even managed to sleep a little

Covered ourselves and the deck in chalk

Grew some more

And play time with my best girl

And here’s to hoping my next post isn’t in four months…..

* the gun is not real. it’s plastic

** I realize that little mister is wearing the same outfit in all these photos but this particular trip was the only one I remembered my camera. We have been several times this spring/summer, though.

*** the Inman Park Festival is seriously one of the best festivals in Atlanta and it’s literally right outside our door. what’s not to love?!

**** Q man seems to enjoy it as much as we did. seriously. even though he slept through the entire game

***** refer to aforementioned note about the camera and the park

****** I brought in cupcakes, we lit  candle, sang and I left kind of party.

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