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I like to make gifts. It’s fun, WAY more personal and often much less expensive. Okay, well sort of. If you factor in time it’s more expensive, but hey! a one of a kind gift is priceless.

I always peruse catalogs, brochures, etc. to find inspiration. I tear out anything that catches my eye and put it into my inspiration book. The book is full of clothing ideas, quilt ideas, helpful hints, photos I like – you name it. When I need a gift idea or “inspiration” (yeah, really creative name for the book, huh?) I flip through my book(s) to find it. Sometimes I just need some eye candy and I find staring at George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey and the other McHotties brings a smile to my face.  I digress.

There is one particular kids clothing line that I just love and I recently hosted a trunk show at my house. The clothes are absolutely adorable and make perfect gifts.  Many of the items they offer are easy for me to copy – can you say hello adorable appliqued  shirt? Yeah,  that’s a good thing since along with all the cuteness comes the hefty price tag.

Little mister has several girlfriends with upcoming birthdays. Sooo, I had to make this girls scarf.  I loaded up the kids this morning and we went to my favorite quilt shop.  I let little mister pick out the fabrics. He did pretty well. Patty Young’s knits – bright, fun colors. I was sort of surprised, and pleased, with what he chose.

Here’s what I managed to make during nap time today. It took about 30 minutes to cut out all the parts and assemble. Cute, easy, quick – fabulous!

detail of the ruffled edge


Saving the World Before 8am

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Little Mister had his first day of school last week. 3 day 3’s. Whoo-hoo! Getting everyone up and out the door on time takes a little planning – often planning the night before. Clothes out. Lunches made. Backpack packed.  And very important to check off the list – coffee ready to brew. I need a couple of cups o’ Joe to get my morning started.

I convinced the handsome little devil to let me take a first day of school photo.

And somewhere between getting up and  out the door I managed to save my neighbor from a large, unhappy grasshopper that was stuck in her garage.

All before 8 am.

Baby Quilt

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It must be rough to be the second child. Little Mister’s baby quilt was completely finished for his big arrival. Q man’s quilt has been pieced. The back has been pieced. And I’ve not gotten any further.

It’s not that I don’t want it finished. I do. But even finding time just to baste the darn thing has been next to impossible.

I know that I’ll have a few hours to myself a few days a week starting tomorrow. And I’m so glad.

Really. Really. Glad.

One of my first goals is to get Q man’s quilt basted. My second goal is to get some shirts made for Little Mister. My third goal is – oh, who am I kidding? I should get through one and two first, right?

Here’s a sneak peak.

Little Children Blessed

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Mark 10: 13-16

And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.  Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”  And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them.

Monsignor Gracz discussed the passage above at Q man’s baptism yesterday. It’s the perfect passage when performing the Rite of Baptism and brought sweet, sweet tears to my eyes. And husband’s.  The service was intimate with immediate family only, plus Jason, the godfather, and his girlfriend, Jen.

Leading up to the baptism were a busy several days.

The festivities began with picking up Aunt Katie from Marta on Thursday morning. She arrived on the red eye from Los Angeles and got to our house around 9:30. Tired, but happy to be home and see little mister and Q man, she managed to muster enough strength to play with them until I got her out to Marietta.  At that point I assume she crashed for a bit.

Here are a few of the weekend highlights.

Friday morning I took the boys to Leapin’ Lizard so little mister could burn off some steam before all the chaos of the weekend began.

My sister and brother-in-law arrived later on Friday. Laura is always happy to see the kids and was quick to grab them for some love.

And yes, little mister is eating peanut butter from the jar. Note to self – get him a jar of his own….

Friday dinner at Everybody’s Pizza with Husband, Jason (the godfather) and Jen

Grand Dad and a very tired Q man

and big brother

Saturday was Q man’s baptism at the Catholic Shrine followed by lunch at The Albert.

Saturday night Braves game that, thankfully, cooled down to a tolerable temperature once the sun went down.

And Sunday breakfast at Radial Cafe, or Pancakes House as little mister lovingly calls it, with Grand Dad and KK

Death of a Refrigerator

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The power went out and when it came back on my refrigerator died. It had gone to appliance heaven.

It was sad and ugly. And terribly inconvenient.

Husband thought the clicking was from my coffee maker (duh). After two hours I was finally able to get him to realize that the fridge was making that horrid sound.

Having already fixed the darn thing twice in eight years we decided to buy a new one. I couldn’t bear the thought of repairing the darn thing again.

While we waited for our new refrigerator, our old fridge sprung a small leak

We lost some food and lived out of coolers

Thomas kept the bread company

And the light at the end of the tunnel….

I found the pastry brush that had been missing since March.

Oh, and I got a fancy new appliance.  I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a refrigerator.


I’ll never drive a minivan

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Q man is getting baptized this weekend. Family is coming into town and we’re very excited about the whole affair. My dear neighbor came over with some napkins for me today. Certainly one cannot entertain without proper cocktail napkins.

Hilarious, right?  I swore I’d never drive a minivan.

I suppose I should eat my words.

The Boys of Summer

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During the summer between my sophomore and junior years in high school the parents of a friend went out of town for a week. My friend had a car and a license and was extremely responsible. My friends were all good kids, too; the kind you want around your kids – AP classes, involved in sports, extracurriculars, part time employment – you get the idea. I remember that I was allowed to stay at her house for a few nights. That was part of the deal – she had to have friends with her, especially at night, in order to have this responsibility. I was shocked that my parents let me stay. They were extremely strict and generally untrusting of even the best intentions.

One particular night there were four of us at Erin’s house. I remember her driving us around in her 1980’s model Buick LeSabre, or something like that (the car was a tank), and we had Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer blaring on the cassette player (just to date myself a bit). Anyhow, we were having such a good time singing and laughing that we continued to air sync to that song in her living room until all hours of the nights, eating pizza and drinking soda along the way.  Where was the Wii when we needed it?

That night and that song have always held a special place in my heart.

So have those girls.

Tonight as I sat down to write I was thinking about my boys.  My boys of this summer and wow! what a great time I remembered from so long ago and what great memories I made with my kids this summer.

Some of the days have been endless and weary, and I am counting down the days until school begins,  but I am constantly reminding myself that I’ll never have this time again. It’s a sentiment that resonates in my brain often. It’s easy to forget between the temper tantrums and demands of a toddler and the constant needs of an infant.

Blowing bubbles, making Play-doh hamburgers and creating a train circle for little mister are the events that not only make great memories for myself, but mostly for him. And yes, while Q man often watches us, I know he gets it, too.

That no matter what happens, this Momma loves her boys very, very much.

So here’s to the end of summer. Here’s to the start of another school year and here’s to my beautiful boys of summer.

Nobody on the road
nobody on the beach
I feel it in the air
the summer’s out of reach
Empty lake, empty streets,
the sun goes down alone
I’m drivin’ by your house
Though I know you’re not home

I can see you
Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun
You got your hair combed back and your
sunglasses on, baby
And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
after the boys of summer have gone

I never will forget those nights
I wonder if it was a dream
Remember how you made me crazy?
Remember how I made you scream?
Now I don’t understand
what’s happened to our love,
But babe I’m gonna get you back
I’m gonna show you what I’m made of

I can see you
Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun
I see you walkin’ real slow and you’re
smilin’ at everyone
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
after the boys of summer have gone

Out on the road today
I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac
A little voice inside my head said,
“Don’t look back. You can never look back.”
I thought I knew what love was,
what did I know?
Those days are gone forever
I should just let them go but

I can see you
Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun
You got that top pulled down and that
radio on baby
And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
after the boys of summer have gone

I can see you
Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun
You got that hair slicked back and those
wayfarers on, baby
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
after the boys of summer have gone

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