Good Things

September 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

I like things that work. Seriously. It makes me happy when I use something that actually works. There is nothing worse than buying a product that doesn’t work. And there is no joy greater than buying a product that does work.  Or getting one as a gift.

Last week was my birthday. My sister sent me a really cool product. Is it new? Well, to me it is, though I suspect it’s been on the market for a while. Before I had kids I was a much hipper person. You’d think that I have time to shop and sew and, heck, even get dressed since I’m a stay at home mom. But no. It’s the exact opposite. I’m happy to have an hour to myself in the afternoon and that’s often the only time alone I get all day. I’m constantly having demands placed upon me by my children. Yes, I get it. I stay at home. I choose to do it and I’m not complaining. Merely stating the facts. But I digress.

My sister works in the beauty and fashion industry. She has a demanding job, but it’s got some great benefits. Like make up. Now, I’ve never been a big make up person. I suspect that’s because I don’t enjoy shopping for it. However, since she’s had this particular job she’s sent me a lot of cosmetics and perfume. Because of that I am becoming more of a make up person.  It’s kind of fun to paint your face and when you have a variety of colors at your fingertips (literally) it’s a task I dread much less these days. Hey, it’s a lot easier when someone else does all the work for you.

I received a surprise package from my dear sister last week on my birthday. She and I said ages ago that we’d stop sending birthday gifts to each other. Neither of us really need anything and chotchkes just make for clutter.  I had no idea what was in the slender rectangular box but was super excited to open it. I opened it and found nail polish.

And not just any old nail polish. Essie nail polish.

In three super hip colors – chinchilly (grey),ballet slippers (light pink) and wicked (deep, dark red).

I love all of them! Painting my fingers and toes has always been a weakness of mine. Unfortunately I hate to wait for the paint to dry. Until now. In the box was also a bottle of “good to go!”. And wow! It is! It’s a clear top coat that dries almost instantly.

I painted my nails before bed the other night, was asleep twenty minutes later and woke up with my nails looking fabulous! I love a product that works and does what it claims!

Another special person* sent me some tulips for my birthday. Bright, happy flowers. And I loved them! But let’s face it, what woman doesn’t like to get flowers?

And celebrate with friends

* sadly, the flowers were not from my husband but from my amazing mother-in-law


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