Christmas 2010

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Christmas is my favorite holiday. I just love it and if husband wouldn’t complain I might go overboard decorating the house.  Instead I just make him wrap three columns outside and the deck. It’s a good bit of work and I recognize that but it looks really pretty at night when the house is lit.

Little Mister was outrageously excited about Santa coming to visit – can you tell? We made reindeer food and put it out then I gave the boys their Christmas jammies. Santa in a rocket. I don’t think it gets better than that!

Aunt Katie had on her Christmas jammies, too!

Santa brought some fun toys for the kids.

Aunt Katie put a bow on Q man’s head

Little Mister got the pillow pet he so desperately wanted

Cute hats

And the littlest trying to find freedom on the other side of the gate

Then getting upset with me for not showing him



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I’ve been busy making some Christmas gifts* that I can whip up on days that both kids are napping.

Scarves for the boys down the street, and of course, for Little Mister, too.

And a voile wrap for my mother-in-law.

It’s the size of a pashmina and made from one of Anna Maria Horner’s lovely voile fabrics. Detail stitching about 1/8″ around all sides to add a nice detail and voile-a! (lol)

The voiles have a beautiful hand once washed. I’d love to make a spring skirt for myself using one of these fabrics.

I hope everyone likes their gifts!

* couldn’t post this until after Christmas. Didn’t want to spoil the gifts.

Christmas Angels

December 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

A dear friend of mine took recently took her kids to a portrait studio. Her plan was to give photos of her boys to all the grandparents for the holidays. You know what they say about the best laid plans. Several meltdowns later she called it quits and called me.

So I grabbed the kids, my camera and headed to her place to help make her Christmas wish come true. I think it will.

Merry Christmas and I love you, Ashley! I hope you and your family enjoy the photo for many, many years.


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I’ve been trying to clean my sewing, er craft, room*. It’s a giant disaster. I ran across this quilt I designed and made for an advanced paper piecing class at my local quilt shop. I hope to get that class back on the schedule early next spring.

I really love this quilt and it was great fun to make! It is square, and does lie flat even though it looks a little wonky in the photo. It’s been folded up for a while and I was too lazy to press it.


I also managed to get Q man’s quilt out of my sewing, er, craft room and basted! Whoo-hoo! I spent a little over an hour on my kitchen floor yesterday basting and  had just enough time to get it finished while both kids napped.  I have an assortment of perle cotton thread ready to go – some variegated, some solid-  so I can start quilting it. I need to start working on a different project anyhow and see nothing wrong with working on three hand quilted pieces. It’s been so  darn cold here that I might just finish one or two of them before spring.

* We now have a craft room. This room was once solely dedicated to my sewing adventures then husband decided he wanted some space to build model ships. I lost a third of my space but do enjoy it when I have company in our small room. We can contain our messes here and close the door so no one will see.

Santapalooza 2

December 12, 2010 § 3 Comments


We took the kids to ride the Pink Pig, or Pig Train as they call it, and go see Santa. This year brought such excitement and joy and made me think about the magic of Christmas when you are a child.

Then we were off to see Santa!!!!

And do a little shopping

* I did not coin the term “Santapalooza” – my friend Callie did but it was too awesome not to use!


December 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

I love Oriental fabrics. I mean really, really love them and I make a lot of quilts with Oriental fabrics. So when I was at market in fall 2009 and four months pregnant with Quinn I didn’t feel badly when I dropped a chunk of change on some indigo fabrics. I knew I wouldn’t be back to any market for a good while and I’d been eyeing the fabrics for ages. Seriously, like for three or four years at. every. market.

Now I can’t figure out what to do with them. I pulled the fat quarters down the other day – I think I have something like fifty- and it just escapes me. I’ve doodled and googled for inspiration but no luck yet. I’m baffled.

Because I promised to write more about my design process I thought I’d post this as my starting point.  I’d like to get further than this, though.

Hopefully soon.

Miss D

December 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Judith DeRitter, or Ms. D as we called her, was the house mother for my sorority when I was in college. I loved Ms. D and visited with her daily. I always enjoyed our chats and her endless wisdom. I think she passed away a few years ago and I wish I had a chance to tell her how important to me she was during that time in my life. I can only hope she knew. Elizabeth and I were sorority sisters. The newest addition to her family, Daisy or Miss D as I’ve been referring to her, was born in October on what would have been her great-grandmother’s 100th birthday. Pretty cool that I get to have two special Miss D’s in my lifetime.

A year and a half ago I made a quilt for Elizabeth’s son when he was born. I had very little time to put the quilt together so I used Atkinson Designs Yellow Brick Road pattern. It’s quick, easy, and above all, looks really great when it’s finished. I also like that you can incorporate more than the suggested number of fabrics for variety.  Since I’m not one for always following the rules that worked out well for me.

Fast forward a few months (10 or so, but we aren’t counting) and Elizabeth found out she was having a girl.  She chose a great palate for Miss D’s room. Pink and green. But sophisticated with black and white ticking so she could grow into it. Elizabeth asked me to incorporate the fabrics she was using in the nursery. Together the fabrics looked great for the room but to make a quilt I needed at least one piece of fabric that incorporated ALL those colors. Alas, an afternoon digging through my stash and a quick trip to my favorite quilt shop and I had a quilt.  At least the parts for a quilt. I found a great Oriental fabric that incorporated all the colors in the fabrics Elizabeth had given me and a few others so the quilt would really sing. And sing it does! I love this quilt! Seriously. It’s going to be painful for me to give it away. But I can visit with it from time to time, I suppose. lol.

I made the top and put on the border but it needed something. So I ripped out the border (where would I be without my seam ripper?) and put in the small ticking inner border. I sort of had no choice but to do it that way. I hadn’t ordered enough fabric for the back and I really didn’t want to go back to the quilt shop to buy more fabric for the border. It turns out that the small black and white ticking accent was perfect! It’s subtle but really adds just the right amount of zip! I used the ticking for the bias binding, too. It’s nice to carry that pattern out to the edges of the quilt, though sewing the ticking down through the minkee, especially in the corners, was a bit of a challenge.

I normally don’t back quilts with minkee but Elizabeth had me put minkee on the back of the quilt for Elliot and  we wanted to keep an even playing field since children can be so darn particular. Minkee really is nice on the back of quilts for kids since it’s so soft and lovable. Plus I found the perfect minkee – lime green with darker green dots. I couldn’t resist! Because I had minkee on the back of the quilt I chose to tie it, and since I’d tied Elliot’s quilt….

I tied the center of the quilt with pink perle cotton. Then I ran out! Argh! So I tied the outside border with white perle cotton. I tied in the center of each white chrysanthemum so it’s a little less obvious. Necessity really is the mother of all creativity!


I hope Elizabeth and Daisy like the finished product!



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