Hero of the Rails

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Little Mister LOVES trains. LOVES them. I don’t think I can adequately express his adoration for trains. He’s pretty much obsessive about them. We indulge him, too. Documentary movies about trains on the History channel, PBS, movies we buy at big box retailers – you get the idea. Have you ever watched Matt Brown and Extreme Trains? I think I can recite them. Really.

Little Mister also likes Thomas the Tank Engine. Let’s face it. Most little boys do. I’m sure there are some that don’t care for Thomas, and that’s perfectly fine, but my little guy thinks Thomas is pretty cool. I think he’s growing out of it a little bit, and that makes me sad, but it’s part of life.

The other day he asked if we could watch Hero of the Rails. I needed some peace and quiet so I agreed. It’s funny. I must have watched that movie a million times and all of a sudden it came to me! It would be a great to pair my indigo fabrics with grey, gold and red. Hiro, the Japanese engine stuck on the island of Sodor, was indigo with grey, red and gold accents. You’d think it would have come to me sooner than this. And since I’m trying to be better about documenting my process I thought I’d share this relatively random, yet pertinent, piece of information.

Toot! Toot! 


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