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Little Mister loves, and I mean loves, baseball. We take him to games. We watch on television. We play outside. Yes, Little Mister even loves it when his mama pitches to him so he can hit a home run. Now I’ll admit that our version of a home run and a real home run are drastically different but it’s fun and Little Mister gets a real sense of accomplishment. Given that America’s favorite past time is ours, it seemed only natural to sign Little Mister up for t-ball this season.

Little Mister is on the Diamondbacks. He thought getting his first uniform was pretty cool.

Then the first game

Little Mister is #3 this year….funny since  his Dads childhood hero was #3 Dale Murphy.

Now I’ll be honest, watching 4 year olds play can be a little like watching paint dry and at the same time it can be really funny. The kids run from second base to third base via home plate, they forget to run, they miss the ball on the tee…But, what they DO mange to do is have fun. And lots of it!

Q-Man even managed to have a little fun…..



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