Red Sky in the morning

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I woke up to this in the North Georgia mountains yesterday. It was seriously cold (by Southern standards) and seriously beautiful.



Beautiful, Beautiful Blairsville

September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

We spent the weekend with my parents in Blairsville. The weather was amazing! I’ve been itching for the cooler temperatures and got them – at least temporarily. The skies were bright blue and there was a cool breeze nipping at you – but it wasn’t so strong that the sun couldn’t keep you warm.  The weather was a perfect tease for fall and made me itch to get into my jeans, sweaters and boots!

Mimi was happy to spend time with her boys and I was grateful for a little break.

I was happy that Q man was using someone else as a teething device

We enjoyed the hummingbirds at the feeder.

We ate dinner on the screened in porch. Little mister helped set the dinner table. Yes, the utensils are upside down so “spiders won’t get on them”.

Crawling in through the doggie door was its usual fun time.

Ladybug got to wander, wander, wander

I remembered to capture special little moments

and special little details

before we all headed home. Exhausted.

Peek-a-boo…where are you?

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Or more to the point….where have I been? December and January were busy for us. December was full of birthdays, Christmas, then ringing in the New Year, which we happily did at home after whirlwind trips to Blairsville and Pigeon Forge.

I love Christmas with my parents. It’s filled with traditions from my childhood. Every Christmas Eve. Mom, sister and I would make a pull apart cake for Christmas morning then we’d sit down for a nice dinner. After dinner we’d all get ready for Midnight Mass then we each got to open one present. Usually we’d hang out for a bit, then drive around to look at Christmas lights, eventually ending at church so we could get a seat and enjoy the candlelight caroling.  I loved church on Christmas Eve.  The overhead lights were off and the church had a perfect amber glow from the candles.  Everyone was always smiling, and singing. I love Christmas carols – Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful…they’re beautiful and I often get teary singing them. I’m such a sucker!

Christmas morning when I was a child often came at 5 am. Way to early. My grandparents thought it was cute. My parents did not. Eventually my sister and I started to sleep in, and for a few years, our parents actually had to wake us!

We’d go downstairs, put the breakfast casserole we’d made the day before in the oven, eat cake and drink coffee. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there we opened gifts!

This year we we visited my parents for Christmas. My parents gave little mister an Elmo Live for Christmas. It was a hit with him right from the start.


We’re big Elmo fans at the Murphy household, but from time to time,  Elmo can be a bit much. He stays in little mister’s room. We like that. A lot.

Little mister was inundated with new toys. Too many, in fact, but it’s alright for grandparents to spoil him.

One of his other favorite games over the holidays was to chase the ball with Uncle.


It was really cute watching the two of them run around the house chasing that red ball!  Little mister thought it was the greatest game ever, and Uncle seemed to get a kick out of it too!

After a few busy days in Blairsvegas, the three of us packed up and headed to Pigeon Forge. We went through National Forest the majority of the way there, and it was beautiful.

Little mister slept, well mostly, and I even got to see an old haunt – Cherokee, NC. I spent a good bit of time there while attending camp in Cullowhee, NC. It hadn’t changed much. Brought back memories, like seeing Unto These Hills THREE times.


Our trip to Pigeon Forge was to celebrate Boo Boo’s 60th birthday!  We stayed in a beautiful house way up on a mountain in Wear’s Valley. It was large enough to accommodate all ten of us. We celebrated Christmas with the Murphy’s and took a trip to Dollywood, as well. No trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without it! I’d never been to Pigeon Forge. It is Tennessee’s response to Daytona Beach. Loud. Bright. Neon. It was wild and not at all what I expected.

Dollywood was what I expected. Little mister had a blast!  He wasn’t quite big enough to go on a lot of the rides. He did enjoy the carousel and the train was a BIG hit! Pure joy on the train!



A tank of gas to Pigeon Forge: $30

A ticket to Dollywood: $50

Taking little mister for his first ride on a train: Priceless

If at first you don't succeed….

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Try, try again, right?

Little mister wasn’t so sure about Blairsville at the beginning of the summer. I figured he’d eventually get used to it then I realized that I needed someone to watch him while husband and I went out of town one weekend. Crap! Where to go?!!!  Certainly my parents will watch him. Right? Right. But he isn’t so fond of Blairsville. Yet. Strange dogs. Big house.  It was too much for him.  He’d get overtired then scream instead of sleep. Not such fun. For anyone. Even doting grandparents. And, come to think of it, I think the dogs hid outside. hmmm.

Now, generally speaking, one can handle that every so often. Parents build up an immunity to screaming children, and grandparents say they can block it out as well. Lucky for my Dad, he’s partially deaf and can’t hear baby screams. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Oh well, at least Mom is there.

But, back to what I was saying…. when the “ones” handling it are your parents, and they are doing it solo, Mama gets concerned.  Can my parents really tolerate a toddler alone for a weekend? I know they raised two children, but sister and I haven’t been toddlers for a long time.  Will they remember to close the door to the basement?  Are all the cabinets childproofed?  Electrical outlets covered??? Does Mom know what little mister likes to eat? And, what about his bedtime routine?

Soooo, I’ve been taking little mister up to Blairsville rather frequently this summer to get him used to new surroundings and make sure the house is up to snuff. Childproof locks on doors? Check. Locks on the kitchen cabinets. Check. Electrical outlets covered. Check.

I think he is finally used to Mom and Dad’s place. Thank goodness! It’s nice to know that our frequent trips up have been successful! And Mom and Dad swear that they love having us – and I think they love it when we leave too!

Mom has food and all sorts of other “goodies” for the little guy. New bath toys. New books. Lots of things for him to entertain himself, so I think we’re all set. Dad doesn’t even mind when little mister gets into his things.

Doesn’t he look cute?

Hopefully the weekend won’t be too overwhelming for Mom and Dad. I’m happy that they are willing to help. And scared that they won’t do it again!  Yikes!

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