1. Where do you buy your fabric?

I buy quilting cottons ONLY at quilt shops – in person or online.

2.. Do you pre-wash?

Yes. I’ve seen fabrics bleed onto quilts and it’s ugly.

3. What’s your favorite thread?

I have a few. I really like Aurafil and Superior. Gutermann and Metler make really great threads, too.

4. How long have you been quilting?

Nineteen years. Yikes!

5. What kind of binding do you make?

Bias. Always.

6. Do you have a favorite batting?

It depends on the end use. Mostly I use cotton batting but will use wool, alpaca or bamboo if that’s what the quilt needs.

7. Do you use patterns?

The majority of my quilts aren’t a published pattern, per se, but a very unique creation. That doesn’t mean that I won’t or don’t use patterns.  Most of my applique work is from a pattern. There are a lot of really great ones out there – pieced, applique or mixed.

8. Do you quilt your own quilts or use a long arm quilter?

Again, it depends on the end use. I enjoy quilting by hand and on my machine but I also adore my friend, Regina, that does all my long arm quilting when needed.

9. How do you find time to quilt?

I find that I can work on applique throughout the day. A few stitches here and there. If both the kids nap then I make time to sew, otherwise I go to my sewing room after they are in bed at night.

10. Have you ever had any quilts or projects published?

Yes, several. I made a bag to go into my friend, Sarah’s book. I have had several of my tops in magazines and one made the COVER of the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler (May 2007)

Yep! That’s MY quilt on the cover!!!


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